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We are a small, independent website offering information and ideas on the world around us. We aim to produce our content in such a way as to provide a clear divide between what is fact and what is opinion. 

Above are four tabs, which can divided into two sections.


An Info On is an objective piece of writing that is designed to inform.

An Ideas On is an analytical piece of writing which contains clear opinions.


A Record On are factual accounts of events and experiences.

A Fable On are fictitious stories, poetry and comedic writing.

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Our Team


Leon Davies


Studies History and Politics at the University of Buckingham.

silas pic.jpg

Silas Welsh


Currently on a gap year doing numerous silly things like renovating a house, traveling, working at the Edinburgh Fringe and running arts events, performing in theatre and studying rocks out of a bizarre interest in Geology.

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Dylan Inglis


Human Geography and Languages Student at the University of Durham, and low key salmon enthusiast.



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