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I’ve got into design and only recently I’ve been reminded of what I was like as a kid and apparently, I just constantly drew

Born in London, but moving to Devon very early on, Greg Greenwood is a man who has changed a lot since I first met him almost 10 years ago. Then, Nerf guns and good films was what life was about. Now Greg’s got a spectrum of creative-academic subjects behind him having studied A levels in Graphic Design, 3D Design and Photography, gaining A* in all three.

So each format provides you with different skills: photography helped me understand light; graphics – presentation; 3D design – the obvious things, you know, materials, everything like that; and fine art – the contextual.

His interests are broad, spanning politics, science, maths, sociology and more. Backed by this knowledge and keenness to learn he has just been awarded a Distinction for a foundation in Fine Art and is well on his way to going to Central St Martins - University of the Arts - in London to start what may be a PhD long course in Product Design.

He speaks with eloquence and enthusiasm, but recognises and mentions that he is not a definitive authority on what he is saying, openly admitting the limitations of his own knowledge. Dyslexia has played a substantial role in his life as well and is partly responsible for his entrance into the realm of design (see article on Dyslexia) largely due to the happy fact that he “heavily struggled” with exams, as he openly admits, but is innately creative and driven.

I though ok, I did well in my first year, I’m going to really push in my A level year… So that was three arts, which they usually don’t let people do. I had to have an interview to see if I was allowed to do it. Then from that I really worked. Practically did nothing all year apart from work

While being truly dedicated, Greg’s one of those people who seems to carry a quiet confidence and energy wherever he goes. Eternally good humoured and fun. Plus you can have a conversation with him on almost any topic, which always leads to some interesting and bizarre discussion.

So, just for a laugh we got him to tell us what he thinks the next big step forwards for mankind will be:

Nanobots…That’s all I have to say.

And if people want to know more about that they will have to come and find you? - We asked

Well either find me or talk to someone who knows far more about it than I do.

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Written by Silas,
On behalf of the Ideas On Info Team