A Watched Kettle Never Boils

Fable On

Fictitious stories, poetry and comedic writings

By Tansy Welsh

When it is cold, we are tired and night is coming in
We go home in the darkening din

Falling sleepy in our sacks
It's almost our time to relax
But no we need our nightly drink
So we must stay awake and blink
Creep down stairs with torch on head
Wishing wishing wishing we could go to bed

With a cold and clinking kettle
We turn on the tap and fill up the mettle
Twist on the gas and hear it hiss
Then give it a spark for the hot red kiss

Just wait, listen and sit a while
For the whistle to shriek in untuneful style
Put the bag into the cup
Ready for water to sizzle all up

But alas for all this toil
A watched kettle never boils.