Ode to a Banana

Fable On

Fictitious stories, poetry and comedic writings

By Tansy Welsh

Oh curving yellow silky fruit
Why oh why are you so mute?
You make me slip under my boot
You’re like a rather bulbous root
The orangutans will travel miles
And meet you with such greedy smiles
But alas they are far too late
For the sweat bananas have already been ate
Because so many other animals do
Love to munch and chew on you

You were once a rarity
That most people would not see
But now the shops are piled high
With bulky bunches my oh my

Some people think that these fruits are pervy
Because they are long, thin and mighty curvy
But this fruit is not a joke or toy
Or the private parts of boy

But it is the most important thing
To go inside a baking tin
Banana bread, banana loaf
Can satisfy any hungry oaf