The Night Slug

Fable On

Fictitious stories, poetry and comedic writings

By Tansy Welsh

At day, the slug is sluggish
Slow and full of slime
But when the silver moon comes out
Tis then he begins to shine
His slime becomes a marble floor
For him to dance around
And the cobwebs full of twinkling dew
Make a magnificent background
Around the garden he makes his way
He bends and twists and twirls
Illuminated in a soft spotlight
By stars as bright as pearls
Dancing his way between the shadows
He meets the compost bin
And gliding up the side of it
He comes upon the rim
Sweeping around the circle
Gracefully he roams
Leaving behind a silky trail
Of sweet pheromones
And so, this dance of moonlight
Strictly would it win
But as the sun begins to come
He disappears beneath a bin.