What is Ideas On Info

Well, hello confused friend.

Do you know who we are?


Well, read on and find out.

We are ­Ideas On Info: A news, analysis and publishing website. Written by everyone, for everyone.

The idea is this!

We function as a platform for people to publish their work. A place where they can share their experiences, analyses and thoughts, so that anyone can get their voice out there.

Our team are on hand to help ‘make ready’ and ensure every piece published is of quality.

Through this collaborative approach we aim to bring you the lesser known; the curious and entertaining, the educational and inspiring, the thoughtful and enlightening. Because we are more than just news; we are poetry, politics, creative writing, philosophy, history, interviews, travel, science. In short, we are anything that can be written, shown or heard.

Our hope is that, together, with every new addition, we can build a broad, interesting and educated platform for everyone.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, please contact us below. Or if you want to know more, scroll down to our Further Reading section.

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Further Reading: Our project values

Quality assured - Research and Sourcing:

We aim to make sure that every article is fact-checked, well researched and not misleading. Only references and links from the most reputable sources are accepted. We work with any author to make sure their article is up to our standards and fits within our criteria, thus assuring that quality is maintained. All works will be checked (for accuracy, spelling, grammar and readability) and approved by one of our editors before publishing.

Please note that only articles published within the Info On section are required to be objective. Articles published outside this section may well be opinionated and persuasive.

Objectivity and Subjectivity.

An Info On is an informative piece that is objective as far as humanly possible - irrespective of the author(s).

An Ideas On is subjective and all opinions and ideas within an article are those of the author(s).

Written by all:

Anyone can write an article and publish it with us at Ideas On Info - provided that it meets our quality criteria. The platform is designed to allow people to get their voice, thoughts and opinions out there.

For many people this site can work as a portfolio, inspiration or first writing experience. They can get their pieces into the public domain and use them to refer back to as examples of previous work to show colleagues and employers, or just friends and family. All writing will be getting a genuine public readership that could spark discussions, interest and appraisal.

Anyone that publishes through Ideas On Info retains full ownership of their work. The author(s) will always be fully credited with a bio and photo - unless requested otherwise.

Fake news:

A great part of our project is to challenge the ongoing fake-news revolution. We hope that by encouraging objective, well-researched and analytical work, we can help debunk false or incorrect news and stories, whether they mean to be or not.

The four sections of our website:


An Info On is an objective piece of writing that is designed to inform.

An Ideas On is an analytical piece of writing which contains clear opinions.


A Record On is a factual account of an event or experience.

A Fable On is a fictitious story, poem or creative writing.