Requiem to a Mouse

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Requiem to a Mouse


This is a tale that is bound to please

About a mouse and a piece of cheese

It happened one night, in ages past

When a mouse was about to break his fast.


So out he crept from his little hole

With fear shooting through to his timid soul.

Along the skirting he did creep

For he thought his enemy was fast asleep


Across the rug to the great big door

Over some slippers and the kitchen floor

Until at last to the trap he came

And he bit the cheese, again and again


Now the trap it was so very old

Sixty four, or so I’m told

And it didn’t spring its rusty nail

And as for the cheese, the mouse didn’t fail


So, satisfied, he turned aside

Waltzed on back, he didn’t hide

Across the rug from the great big door

Over some slippers and the kitchen floor


Along the skirting, he didn’t creep

No point, his enemy was quite asleep

But when he came to his little flat

He couldn’t get in, he was too FAT


He tried to shrink to his normal size

When over his shoulder, he saw GREEN eyes

And that is the last our hero saw

For alas, he is no more


But there is a moral to this little chat

Don’t be a mouse, BE A CAT!

Tony Whatley PP Circle.png

Written by Tony Whatley

Tony Whatley passed away in February. He was a keen Table Tennis player, and for twenty years helped to run the North Devon Table Tennis League. This poem, written by Tony, is published with the kind permission of his wife Penny.