Plastic: The Non-biodegradable Unassailable Mess

Fable On

Fictitious stories, poetry and comedic writings

I have a short story on which you must dwell,
About all this plastic, what a tale to tell…

For you see,

It fills up the dumps in this beautiful land,
It clogs up our lives, the sea and the sand.
It doesn’t biodegrade, it only breaks down,
Into millions of micro bead plastics that can never be found.

So I’ve taken to paper to scribe in pen,
To tell you the truth, without trying to offend,
There’s a new geological epoch, for which we are to blame,
Caused by human influence, not a testament to our fame,
For, the new Earth layer can be so obviously seen,
It’s a layer of plastic, the Anthropocene.

Do we have any right to do this to our future,
Where our kids and their kid’s kids will have to live, love and nurture?

The irony is that plastic is so temporary,
We use it just once then throw it away empty.
Carrier bags, nylon rope, drinks cups and straws,
Kids toys, food packaging and PVA doors.
There are so many alternatives, but I’ll name just a few,
Cardboard, wood and metal, intelligent usage too.

And so due to this trouble that plastic can cause,
We should really get together and use our united force,
To say ‘No more, let’s stop this right here’,
Before we do more damage to our planet so dear.

For, this plastic is awful, it was created at our hand,
It really, quite simply, should long ago have been banned.