Dee and the 'This Girl Can' campaign.

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A short piece about Dee.

I first met Dee when we were just starting out on rehearsals for a musical play as part of a local arts festival. Dee is a unique person. She has a particular condition that has changed the way in which she has developed. Due to her height and looks I initially mistook her for someone younger than me, before realising she was in fact several years older. When we met I was instantly struck by her outgoing friendliness and ability to engage anyone and everyone. She had an elating buoyancy that couldn’t help but be contagious.

Throughout our rehearsal process she would regularly tell me about all the amazing things she was doing, much of which was to do with her connections with the This Girl Can campaign. It was fantastic and now, a year after the last musical songs concluded from that wonderful play in which she performed, we thought it would be interesting to hear more. So we at Ideas On Info asked her if she wanted the opportunity to write a short piece on herself. Here’s what she had to say.

Hi I’m Dee Weiner and I’m 24 years old. I have a rare chromosome deletion on 20q13.1q13.3.

I have moderate learning difficulties and attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and dyspraxia as well as developmental delays. I have muscle and bone weakness and I stand at 4ft 2ins. I was a #This Girl Can Ambassador for inclusion in 2017 for Mid Devon. The This Girl Can campaign is to help get women and girls and young people to get more active in sports. I play badminton with Queens Badminton Club and Devon Racqueteers Disability badminton club and I’m a member of Special Olympics south west. I played badminton at the 2017 National Special Olympics summer games in Sheffield and won medals there. The special Olympics is for people with learning difficulties.

Dee at the 2017 National Special Olimpics

Dee at the 2017 National Special Olimpics

Sports England research revealed a large gap between the numbers of women participating in sport compared to men. Their study concluded that this was not down to women not wanting to be active, but instead down to a fear of judgment. Thus, the This Girl Can campaign was born. An initiative designed to inspire and allow women and girls to get active and proud of it. Now in its third year it has had major successes and won several awards. But hey, these things always need to get out to more people. Until Dee told me, I had never heard of it and so here you are. This is us passing on that knowledge.

Whenever I meet Dee she always seems to have been doing amazing things both at home or at competitions across the country. Hopefully Dee’s successes might interest and inspire anyone reading this. After all, there are always new things to try and opportunities to find. Support to get active and ways to have fun. We just need to know that they are there.

By Dee Weiner and Silas Welsh