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Will coral reefs survive the next 50 years, and what impact might their loss have if they don’t?

Economically, it is estimated that today’s coral reefs bring in a value of US$33 trillion per year due to their contributions towards food, tourism and medicine. Over 4000 species of fish and their food are reliant on coral reefs that, in turn, prop up 12% of the entire world’s fisheries.

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Goodbye: The Exeter Bike Shed Theatre shuts down

On March 31st Exeter will be saying farewell to one of its smallest, cosiest and most welcoming theatres. For many this will be a sad blow to the hart. The Bike Shed Theatre on Fore Street has been a place to socialise, see performances and enjoy wonderful cocktails and lovely food for so many people over the years. We look into why it is closing down? 'The Bike Shed won’t be replaced, but other things could grow.'


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