The Creation of the Ideas On Info Logo

This piece is about Ideas On Info, what we have been doing and what we stand for. If you are interested in us, our new logo and the design process please do read on, but it is purely for documentation of the evolution of our company.


– Walter Landor

For a company, their logo and design is an integral part of their identity. It is their first chance to try and shape the audiences view of them, to mould that idea. This makes it absolutely essential that they get their design right. It has to reflect their views, values, style and identity, while also being a recognised symbol.

Over the past months we at Ideas On Info have been going through a rebranding process. Helping us to do this has been Greg Greenwood; an up-and-coming design student based in Devon. Our task for him was not an easy one. We wanted a design that both stood out and yet was modest. One that could be seen as current and recognisable while emulating the style of journalistic print in the past. Ideas On Info is a publication based on quality and opportunity. It is both, trying to maintain journalistic integrity and factuality whilst also offering opportunities to first time writers. Searching for unknown prowess, undiscovered stories and nuggets of information that you would not see anywhere else.

As our designer Greg has had to consider all of this and, dare we say, he has been superb at it: giving guidance, patiently helping us refine our own variety of untamed ideas and, most importantly, he’s developed some wonderful designs.

I think the best thing to do is to just get something on the paper to start off with, and then go from there.

And that was just what we did. Picture boards were created, colour charts found and reams and reams of paper covered in designs flooded forth. Some were madly creative, some more restrained and orthodox. Some we instantly knew we didn’t like, others took some thought and discussion, but slowly we refined them down. Practicality of use is a big element and potential for future development is another. Often we would go down a certain design route a short way, before deciding it was wrong and starting again.

From Greek columns to Railway logos we thumbed. But it was the acronym (IOI) logo, presented from the very beginning by Greg, which stuck. This left us with two variations of our brand. A ‘long’ logo (now with a customisable streak of colour), and a ‘stamp’ with a colourful dot.

I looked at what you guys were like and the sort of company you guys wanted to be… it was obviously a more traditional Newspaper, but modernised.

You’ll notice the simplicity of our design makes it easily usable on different mediums and our IOI stamp is a clear and unique logo that can quite literally be ‘stamped’ onto any article giving an IOI seal of approval. They both rely heavily on a clear defined font and, as Greg tells us, it was clear early on that typography was key:

That’s why I was looking at the old Times New Roman. So, I was really interested in the idea of taking letters, but then organising them in different ways to create almost illustrations.

So typography is again a whole world of stuff and companies will pay a lot of money for their logo to be redesigned and for an aspect, maybe 5% of the original logo to be changed and that’s the redesign, but it can have a big effect. So after talking to you guys. You wanted simple, you wanted clean.

Indeed clean and simple is what the new branding definitely is. Not overpowering or intrusive and yet distinguishable… or at least we think so. And so for your work and help Greg, thank you! It’s been a pleasure.

The designs have been through a long process, but now we are ready to share them you, our readers. We hope you will come to recognise and enjoy them as a distinguished symbol on many interesting and unique works of quality yet to come. Pieces that will help inform, entertain, debunk and educate.

Written by Silas,

On behalf of the Ideas On Info Team